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Game Day Communications, an award-winning firm founded by former ESPN Anchor Betsy Ross in 2002, works to understand and connect fans of our client’s brands using market research, strategy creativity and strong relationships. We specialize in research, strategic communications planning, media relations management, social media strategic planning/activation, event marketing/staffing and sports fan research.


Strategic Communications

Game Day Communications offers strategic communications planning for organizations to analyze and activate marketing, media relations and social media strategies. Our strategic plans guide the work we execute on behalf of our clients.

Event Marketing

From developing the concept of the idea to activating it in the field, Game Day Communications can provide a full-service approach. With a street team of 100+, we can activate local events as well as national “buzz” tours and have a number of staff who are trained to appear as mascots at community appearances.

Social Media Content & Graphic Design

Game Day Communications offers strategic social media planning and activation. We can capture photographs, videos and share on social media platforms. We also provide monitoring and engagement capabilities. With a full-time graphic designer, we can provide design for a range of materials from signage, marketing materials, email and social media content.

Recent News

“The Take” for Monday, February 8

Now that we’re officially in football withdrawal… Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos for reminding us what we already knew: Defense wins championships. Manning wins his second championship by doing just enough to keep the ball out of the Carolina Panthers’ hands and letting his “D” do the rest. As Toby Keith sang, “I […]

“The Take” for Monday, February 1

Let the super hype begin… And let it begin with Cam Newton. As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers landed in California this weekend to get ready for the 50th Super Bowl, all the talk was about Cam Newton’s wardrobe. Known for his flashy outfits at post-game news conferences, Newton may have outdone even himself […]

“The Take” for Monday, January 25

Super Matchup Set In two weeks, we’ll be settling in front of our 70” surround sound televisions to watch what the NFL every year promises will be an epic matchup for the 50th (no roman numerals this year!) Super Bowl. It’s a contrast in quarterback styles, with the veteran Peyton Manning leading the Denver Broncos […]

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